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10Bet : the best bookmaker for your bets

10Bet conquered a big number of aficionados, thanks to the large selection of games, bonuses and promotions in constant development. It is one of the greatest bookmakers in the world, with bets available for more than 50 sports every day, among which: Motorcycling, Handball, Fencing, Skiing, Ping-Pong, Baseball, Basket, Beach Soccer, Beach Volley, American Football, Golf, Hockey, Boxing, Soccer, Rowing, Cycling, Cricket, Curling, Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball and Formula 1 (that is very famous for its highest odds).

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There are different types of bets. A “Single” bet is a bet on one selection for one event: if your selection wins, so do you. A “Double” bet is a bet made up of two selections in different events: both selections must be successful to win your bet. A “Treble” bet involves 3 selections in different events and all 3 selections have be successful to gain a payoff. There is also an “Accumulator” bet, a bet on four or more selections. All of them must win to gain a payoff. Accumulators are often named after the number of selections they contain, thus we can get a fourfold, fivefold or sixfold accumulator (or even higher).You can also use the “Betting System”, a strategy based on pure statistical analysis of the odds or on some other factors, that let you win even if you don’t guess all the predictions.

If you bet on more events the gambling odds decrease, but in case of winning the prize increases a lot, also thanks to the bonuses applied, betting at least on four events. It is possible to bet from Italy on www.10bet.com where 10Bet offers five kinds of odds according to the European, American, British, Hindu and Chinese style. The minimum amount to make a single bet is 1€ (or the equivalent in currency), while for the multiple ones is 0,05€. Odds are published very quickly and this is exactly what makes 10Bet, a leader in the bookmakers’ world. The graphics of the website are very good, fast and easy to use. The site also makes available some indicators with green and red icons in order to see how the odds are growing. The website dedicated to the mobile bets is really efficient and available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iPad Mini, all Android phone devices and tablet, Blackberry, Nokia and Sony Ericsson devices.